We'll Get Your System Up and Running Again

We'll Get Your System Up and Running Again

An array of heating and hot water installation and repairs are available in Acushnet & Wareham MA & surrounding areas

Nobody is comfortable taking a cold shower or sleeping under a massive heap of blankets and quilts to try and stay warm. If your heating system or water heater isn’t doing its job, then it’s time for Nate’s Oil Burner Service to do ours. Our fully trained technicians are ready to install new boilers, furnaces and water heaters or repair your existing heating systems so that hot showers and cozy nights return to your home. Our regular heating services include:
  • Heating installation and repairs
  • Duct installation and repairs
  • Programmable thermostat installations
  • Oil line replacements
  • Powerventer installation and repairs

We can perform additional heating system repairs on:
  • Forced hot water boilers
  • Forced hot air furnaces
  • Steam boilers
  • Baseboard and radiant heat systems
  • Water heaters

We offer HVAC services in Acushnet & Wareham MA & surrounding areas, too! Discuss your needs by calling us today.

Know your system and how to maintain it

Knowing what kind of system is in your home can help with its maintenance and regular tune-ups can increase efficiency. Central heating is typically provided by one of three systems:

  • Furnace - A furnace works by blowing heated air through a series of ducts and delivering warm air via registers and vents. It can be powered by oil, electricity or gas.
  • Boilers - These systems carry heat via hot water which passes through radiators. As the water cools, it returns to the boiler to be reheated. These systems use natural gas or heating oil as fuel.
  • Heat pump - These are basically two-way air conditioners that move heat outdoors in the summer and bring hot air in during the winter through an air-source or ground-source system.

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